Fembots, The Twenty-First Century is Calling You

not sure what to do with these fembots from 1948…have them de-programmed, or hire one to cook and clean for me?

Donella Cecrle, 36, spent years in the corporate world, traveling the nation to sell computer software — and far out-earning her husband, Andy. Subservience wasn’t in her vocabulary. Neither was homemaking. Most days, dinner was takeout from the Mexican restaurant down the street, or a quick meal at IHOP.

But about six years ago, the couple worked through a low point in their marriage with prayer and Bible study. Slowly, Cecrle said, she began to realize that she needed to change. When Cecrle became pregnant, she left work for good and now stays home with their two preschool-age children.

In what time she can spare, Cecrle works toward a bachelor’s degree at the seminary. She started this semester with a homemaking course, which Dorothy Patterson, 63, teaches at her dining room table (artfully decorated with sprigs of autumnal berries and curls of pumpkin-hued ribbon).

Cecrle credits Dorothy Patterson’s lectures on God’s vision of womanhood with helping her embrace her role as helper — and restrain her instincts to take charge. “I have to be able to shut my mouth,” she said.

seriously, now, i guess “submitted” christian wives never get divorced, do they? because then they’d be so far off the employment curve, the only work they could get is janitorial/prep cook/childminding in nature.

now this is wrong so many ways it makes my head hurt. it’s wrong to devalue “women’s work,” like housecleaning and raising children, and so on. because it’s damn hard work and valuable, even if poorly compensated in the marketplace.

but it’s also wrong to act as if men never leave, die, or act badly in such a way that no self-respecting woman would stay with that.

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