Things That Are Innately Adorable

  • the dimpled knuckles of a toddler’s chubby hand
  • children when they whisper
  • the fold on top where the toes join a cat’s paw, adding to the roundedness
  • eyelashes on the cheeks of anyone sleeping, adult or child
  • whiskers on small creatures
  • sticky gecko toes
  • the way frog’s eyes gyrate down and around when they swallow
  • little compartments for things, as in jewelry and tool boxes
  • tiny paper bags for nails/screws the hardware store gives you
  • when animals use their tongues to lick their noses
  • ladybugs
  • the stubby, scaly toes and round feet of land tortoises
  • the curled, feathery spiral of a fiddlehead fern
  • a flower bud that’s barely begun to unfurl

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