We Have Got to Find a Way/To Bring Some Understanding Here Today

myanmar, what’s going on? shooting monks, chasing down protesters? it’s heartbreaking. stop–stop!

please. stop.

i think everyone in the world is begging you to just stop. it’s hard to witness a country tearing itself apart.

it’s times like these you need to look around you and find something that does work. something redeeming and hopeful.

for a long time i harbored a deep and abiding hatred for ward connerly, former member of the board of regents at uc berkeley (my grad school alma mater). he was the right-wing running dog flunky to then-governor pete wilson, to use some good, old-fashioned commie-pinko invective, who led the fight to remove affirmative action admissions policies at california public universities. enrollment figures of african american students were already bad *with* affirmative action in place. without it, enrollment figures are beyond shameful: 100 or less out of a campus numbering in the tens of thousands.

so he and the despicable pete wilson won on Proposition 209, which was directly responsible for dismantling affirmative action policies in the UC system. and all of of us who fought the idiotic thing were beaten down once more. oh, the ’90s in california were hard, dark days, and i worry that more dark days lie ahead for the golden state…our economy is really precariously perched.

but anyway, since then, people have been trying to right ward’s wrong.

so i wanted to give a huge shout out to peter taylor, a person who thought there might be a way to work around and through and over and in between a stupid stupid law like Proposition 209, and get more black and latino kids into the flagship UC campus he himself graduated from: UCLA. and of all things, he seems to be succeeding. more the power to him.

and go frances harris (mentioned in the above-linked article)! i’m pulling for you. here’s my all-purpose advice to women i care about, courtesy of jane austen: run mad as often as you choose, but do not faint! because there will be plenty to faint over.

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