I’ve Been Technologically Lapped By My Parents

  • who was emailing digital cameraphone pix of the Unreliable Narrator to me before i even learned how to do that with my treo?
  • who was exploring the wild world of international mobile phones and SIM cards to use in china long before i ever had occasion to buy an unlocked dual-band phone to use in the philippines?
  • who kept texting HB from the santa anita racetrack with updates on latest bets and the spread? and would use Twitter if she could to make said updates?

the ‘rental units. mine and his.

these aren’t your immigrant parents of yesteryear, sitting around and playing marathon games of MJ (mah jong). nope.

HB and i, we’ve become dinosaurs. my mom probably has a facebook entry she’s carefully hidden from my “find a friend” attempts to locate her. or maybe she’s “unfriended” me? (ask me no questions, i’ll tell you no lies.) i know she hasn’t poked me or compared her movie favorites to mine, or sent me a gift that costs $1. hmmph.

mom-in-law probably has a blog she updates with her mobile, while i’m still hacking away on an overheated iBook G4 (which’ll start manifesting the infinitely spinning wheel of decrepitude soon, i just know it).

i’m just barely web 2.0. the parents, flush with time on their hands and happily retired, are shmoozing electronically with their BFF halfway across the world, just like teenagers. WWW makes a mockery of time zones, and international calling cards make the old-fashioned midnight long-distance calls of my childhood history (best rates then, you had to screech into the phone due to a poor connection). they’re at least web 2.5, if not higher.

and the Unreliable Narrator…soon, he’ll be web 8.0. he’ll have to help me reset my iBrain intra-neural power assist wi-fi unit when it periodically shorts out.

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