Mean Girls and Eye Rolls

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this stale piece of UC Berkeley grad English department gossip:

Becca Steinitz leaves academia.

I could care less one way or the other what she’s done or does with her life; I just think it’s interesting to note that when we were in a seminar together on race, class, and sexuality, she was part of the Mean Girls contingent that rolled their eyes at whatever we women of color said. Did I mention this was a graduate seminar, as in, professional training in preparation for teaching college students literature, and no one was age 13?

So perhaps her cattiness then did me the small favor (heaped on a steaming pile of other cumulative not-so-small favors from the UC Berkeley English department) of turning me off to academia long before I needed to waste time and energy discovering that it was not for me.

Hope she’s no longer a Mean Girl. But you never know. Apparently they can effortlessly become Queen Bee Moms.

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