Unreliable Narrator Playlist

his musical taste is funny. this is what he listens to (as in, forces us to play over and over again in the car on long car rides):


  • “mr. brightside, (the killers),” jacques lu cont’s thin white duke remix*
  • malti,” barbara brousal/dan zanes
  • polly wolly doodle all the day,” dan zanes
  • “barber’s adagio for strings (william orbit),” ATB remix (NOT ferry corsten)

* on long car trips, we rock out in the back seat on the air “drums,” “piano,” & “guitar”. i don’t have the heart to harsh his mellow by telling him it’s probably a boring finger pressing a single pre-programmed key on the keyboards.

also, did you know that at 8:45, this remix can be played 13 times and 3/4 of the way through for a 2-hour car ride to san diego? there you go, now you do.

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