Farm Aid

what happens when our crisis-driven, trend-mongering society moves on to the next cause du jour? does anything really change?

every now and then i want to note people who’ve taken on big, intractable problems and by dint of unsung or unrelenting (or both) hard work, have hammered away at those problems and tried to be part of a solution.

i hadn’t realized Farm Aid has been around for 22 years. kudos to willie nelson and john mellencamp and others for starting it up. in 1985, it was about small farmers losing their livelihoods to industrial farming; today consumers join small farmers in trying to grow and eat sustainable food.

“We are making a difference, be it ever so humble,” Mr. Mellencamp insisted. “We would like to see huge change immediately, but we’re all old enough and cynical enough and smart enough to know that’s not going to happen.” He chuckled. “We’ll be doing Farm Aid till the day we die.”

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2 thoughts on “Farm Aid

  1. This is a good reminder that change is incremental, never immediate. It’s kind of been the theme of my life lately. I usually want it perfect right now. These days I’m seeking perfection over time. Yes I know nothing is perfect, but I have chosen to ignore that fact.

  2. there’s a lot of wisdom in that, and i wish every time i felt burned up with annoyed impatience at the current state of affairs i could instead adopt a hardier attitude: be like water on a stone.

    cuz it’s the unsexy, everyday-boring details that, applied over time, get results. if only one has the will to persist.

    enjoying your posts, keith! thanks for writing.

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