El Siete Mares

sweet dreams are made of these, fish tacos on the seven seas…

who am i to disagree?

given my recent fondness for The Best Fish Taco in Ensenada, i thought i’d go back to the old neighborhood standby, El Siete Mares, for comparison purposes. it’s on sunset past sunset junction, where silver lake shades into echo park. you can’t miss the bright orange building with an asphalt moat surrounding the little outpost of the bigger restaurant. the little outpost is where you can get fish tacos.

El Siete Mares believes in lots of cabbage on their fish tacos. they make them out of a cheaper cut of fish and dip them in a brown batter that has a wee bit of spicy hotness to it. they believe the whole thing should be topped with creamy thousand-islandish dressing and come with a side of vinegary radish-and-jalapeno pickles. oh, and you get your own lime wedge. the corn tortillas seem 15% bigger than others i’ve consumed. in short, it’s a whole different approach than Best Fish–El Siete is okay with fishy-tasting fish (skin on), with a whole lot more spice and tastebud excitement, and a sickly-sweet, cinnamony-iced horchata to wash it all down. to borrow an analogy from SPINAL TAP, the flavors are turned up to 11.

there’s no question El Siete has the more vigorous, brassy approach. which is not to say the hot mango salsa at Best Fish lacks for verve–it doesn’t. but i find myself shying away from the old school approach of El Siete in favor of the higher quality fish in the Best Fish tacos. it comes down to this: i’m not so keen on cabbage and at El Siete, that’s the default.

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