How I Came to Write TTE FanFic

the Unreliable Narrator loves Thomas the Tank, which i’ve bemoaned elsewhere. but having let the little prissy engine into our lives, he is at least proving himself to be a Really Useful Engine by motivating my son to get up and get dressed every morning on his own in a wonderfully color-coordinated outfit (that ensemble-matching ability would be attributable to the UN, not TTE). oh, and zooming spoon/forkloads of nutritious food into his mouth. ok, and i guess TTE is also being Useful by acquainting my son with numbered flashcards in denominations larger than fifteen. i admit it, TTE is also developing the UN’s spatial reasoning and logic skills with all those TTE jigsaw puzzles we bought him.

next, the UN learns to wipe his butt after #2 with TTE toilet paper! (just kidding, sort of.)

in keeping with total anglophilia/HIT entertainment character dominance in our household, the UN’s request for stories featuring his favorite trains have now infected my brainspace.

i draw the line at Sir Topham Hatt-Thomas’ conductor slashfic, though.

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