Capitalism is Raising My Child, part II

Capitalism is Raising My Child, part II

so the UN has successfully taught himself how to get dressed. he kept doing more and more, prodded at times by the memory of the Thomas the Tank lamp in the catalogue he read assiduously. he kept fingering the catalogue til the pages got crinkly and his eyes scoured the ink off the paper.

we told him, “if you can dress yourself for 7 days straight in a row, all by yourself, we’ll buy you that lamp.”

i must say, he has pretty good dress sense. he hasn’t chosen very many eye-hurting combinations.

today it arrived. as expected, made in china. no noticeably toxic lead paint anywhere. nothing edible. i set it up, and lo! there was light.

i’ll try this experiment again, except this time i think i’ll offer an experience instead of an object. i don’t want him to get addicted to the idea that good behavior is automatically rewarded by stuff.

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