There Has to Be a Name

whew, there has to be a name for the feeling you have when you touch down after traveling only to prep for going away again.


we came home to a power outage that was already in progress, thank you very much. it lasted for the next 24+ hours. this was accompanied by or should i say, caused by record heat, which of course upped the demand for power. which of course fried all the ancient transformers struggling to meet overloaded capacity.

when the power went out again for the second time (monday, around 3:30 pm) we went to the in-laws house so i could continue to do work. this time power returned on wednesday morning. yeesh.

and i got whatever mild bug ryder had that made him all feverish and achey. he actually cried for the baby tylenol, poor thing.

well, when i had it too, i damn near cried for the tylenol too.

anyway, i’m setting up my trip for early august: filming the smith, and then interviews in knoxville, tn. and after that, just about all principal interviews for the doc will be DONE! DONE DONE DONE i tell you!!

and then there will be the little matter of editing the damn thing.

ah well. one huge uphill battle at a time.

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