I Came Back From Being Away 8 Days

i came back from being away 8 days and CN has suddenly turned into a world-wise, all-knowing three year old. except he’s still 2 and almost 8 months.

seriously, he now knows a bunch of songs i have never heard before. nor will i ever learn the lyrics to “where is punkin?” not because i don’t want to, but because this will be the first of many times my son knows millions of memes more than me. i’d better just accept it. just as i accept it when we’re sitting at a red light and it changes and CN tells me, “it’s green mama, it’s green, go!” at least he doesn’t try to confuse me like he does to his nai-nai by telling her “red means go and green means stop!”

it was sweet, i wanted to wash my feet one evening after CN had already bathed, and he went to his little tub and got it set up just so, saying, “ok honey, let me get it ready for you. ok, honey?” it melted my heart to hear him using the same tone of voice with me as i do with him and being absolutely loving toward me. so children are indeed instant karma. i give stern tongue-lashings but i never ever have hit him and i will do my utmost to never hit him.

i was telling HB about his son’s adorableness and HB said, “you get the children you deserve.” for now, at least, i want to believe this. what wonderful, sweet sweet days these are.

it was HB’s turn to be out of town these past four days. we were catching up briefly by phone and i told him about the wednesday playgroup i hosted and how CN ended up with two naked blondes in his room late at night. (friends had stayed for dinner and then decided to give their girls baths. by the time they left, it was 9:30 pm!)

HB said, “sounds like a great time.”

we are going to have to watch this Living Vicariously thing when CN gets older. not so sure i like it.

took CN to his pediatrician appointment this morning. he got a hep A immunization shot in his left arm and he was so good. not even a whimper. and the whole rest of the day, he bounced around like he’d never been stuck.

CN even told dr. nak his “red means go and green means stop” joke during his appointment.

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