Things One Notices Acutely

things one notices acutely that remain etched in one’s memory with a combination of pathos and fascination:

  • quelle horreur! today while standing in the bathroom wondering why the skin on my chin and around my mouth is having such a hard time of it (stress rash), the sun struck me at the precise angle to best illuminate this lengthy white old WHISKER growing out of my chin! it was about an inch long!!! AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH! i felt like the hooked nose with hair-sprouting wart and jutting chin meeting in a perfect crone circle were next. i used the eyelash curler (instrument of death and more likely to put fear in any rational straight man’s heart than pepper spray) to pluck the offender out, grasping the long tail of the Lengthy White Old Whisker in the curler ends.
  • CN has a stuffy nose and during his nap today, he snuffled and slurped air with the exact same kind of noise that led the cat to mistake his wet breathing for purring. which she did in kind, kneading muffins around his head and making her gurgling purr too.

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