Yet More Smithsonian Brouhaha

Finally, moms who want to talk about (and live, and do) more than stupid “mommy wars.”

I mentioned earlier that this attempt to privatize the Smithsonian affects my current project. Here’s an update on the whole Smithsonian-Showtime joint venture business, from most recent to least recent:
Washington Post

  • Capitol Hill Joins Criticism of Smithsonian Film Deal
  • Historians Protest Smithsonian’s Deals
  • Editorial: The Nation’s Attic
  • Ken Burns Gives Voice to Filmmakers’ Concerns
  • Smithsonian Investigating Its Sales Division’s Salaries
  • End Smithsonian-Showtime Deal, Filmmakers and Historians Ask
  • Smithsonian Deal With Showtime Restricts Access By FilmmakersNY Times
  • Smithsonian Board to Review TV Deal
    other articles are gatedLA Times
  • Sealing Up Our Nation’s Attic
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