yes this site is mostly politics with some cats

yes this site is mostly politics with some cats thrown in. or should i say mostly cats with some politics thrown in? anyway, felines are wonderful and partly what’s so wonderful about them is that they are free to be downright cussed if they want. you know how it is. sometimes you just want to kick some ass, because you can. trouble, i’ve got a cat-o-nine tails with your name on it. by the way, my cat hates you.
the only way to cope is to purge what ails you in a giant spew of negativity.
things that are hateful:

  • new york city. the very idea of it. airless, dark, crowded, convinced of its own self-importance even in the face of its increasing irrelevance. save my friends who live there, but the city should get off its high horse and be content to be just another city. and a grey ugly one at that.
  • traditionalism. fetishizing an imagined perfect past. inflicting it on people now.
  • humvees. vile fucking hunks of giant metal. feel big and important up there in your pseudo-military vehicle, do you? why don’t you volunteer for the front lines in the next war, and drive your big fucking tank and bring your fucking gun collection with you. the only thing more appalling, more disgusting than a humvee is a
  • humvee limo. i kid you not, i saw one of these in beverly hills once. (figures, beverly hills.)
  • monotheism. so far as i understand it there’s no way to believe in a “one true god” and still let other people live in peace with theirs. the greeks and romans were polytheists and they built empires, so polytheism (i.e., paganism) is no refuge. i miss the days when people believed marx, who said that religion was the opiate of the masses. it is. liberation theology, however, is not a waste of time and energy.
  • people who have no clue, who can’t be bothered to ask why or how. why is george dubya bush a good president? why is he even president? if you can’t frame a decent question you definitely won’t get any good answers.
  • the gutless, spineless baby boomer journalists in this country who are too intimidated to ask difficult questions. my what a free ride shrub’s getting, and what a rough ride clinton got in comparison.
  • oh my that felt good. like bringing up a hairball.
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