Every Mass Media Message Tells Us

every mass media message tells us that individuals don’t matter (unless we’re shopping), only large mobs of people do.

of course the actions of individuals matter. take a seat at a lunch counter where you aren’t suppsed to, or sit in a different part of the bus. decide to sue the u.s. for imprisoning you, a citizen, in an internment camp for no supportable reason during wartime. those people mattered, both individually and as part of movements. they began by challenging affronts to personal dignity and freedom. the trick is to say that killing people in your name is an affront to their dignity and freedom and yours.
here’s a lovely article that appears in today’s l.a. times, about how people are choosing to make their protests against bush’s war known in ways that are meaningful to them. it need not be through a march or demonstration, although those have undeniable power.

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