i hate the new york times. recently they published…

i hate the new york times.
recently they published a stupid article about how californians are “alienated” from the war on iraq. so we’re “alienated” if we aren’t waving our flags like the jingoistic idiots at the new york times?

shit. try diffident. try unconvinced. try ambivalent and uneasy about shrub’s poorly argued, badly substantiated, diplomatically bungled war on iraq.

it was time to rip the new york times a new asshole. which i did with pleasure.

“To the editors:

Regarding the political and cultural distance between east and west coasts (“Approach of War Reveals an Alienation in California”, 3/20/03), perhaps it’s the white male Republicans who are most deeply out of touch. In California, our diversity is our strength; with roots in so many non-European immigrant communities we enjoy a more cosmopolitan view of what it is to be American as opposed to its narrow definition among the mostly white and male power establishment of the eastern corridor. Our so-called “alienation” from White House goals is instead diffidence — the rational result of logically assessing the White House’s argument for pre-emptively waging war on Iraq. Perhaps we in California are like major nations in the rest of the world, which, after listening closely, have found ample reason to question the U.S. government’s rationale for the war based on the reasons articulated.

It’s not for lack of sorrow or grief at the events of 9/11/01 that we are so objective. It’s you on the east coast who are too subjective, held hostage to hysterical fear by the demagogues in the White House. And it’s only east coast institutions like the New York Times, blinkered by a self-anointed overweening sense of self-importance, which would advertise its surprise at its irrelevance to the rest of the nation with an article such as the one you published.

In terms of demographic trends, for the past twenty years where have Americans been resettling, to the east coast or to the south and west? When it comes to geographic importance, people vote with their feet. You just haven’t caught up yet.


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